Jinangu + Wanggangu is the philosophy that guides the principles and development of the Michael Leslie Foundation for the Performing Arts.

It means “walking + talking”, and perfectly describes the Foundation’s goal to teach and inspire young people to understand the power that comes through expressing their truth verbally and physically.

The Foundation has naturally transpired through the success of the Michael Leslie Pilbara Performing Arts Program launched in 2006 to help empower children and youth in Western Australia’s remote north-west to manage their own destiny.

A purpose of the Foundation is to help all people in the Pilbara discover and express themselves in spirit, mind and body – through the Arts – and in the process develop invaluable life skills, self-acceptance and learning.

Our work through the Foundation and its many components is to continue creating opportunities for young people in the Pilbara to reach their potential through creative expression, and in the process learn to rise above any barriers – real or perceived – as a community and as individuals.

Michael Leslie
Michael Leslie Foundation for the Performing Arts

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