“Michael has an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm and a great vision for the training of Aboriginal people ….an extremely gifted dancer and choreographer ….. an indication of the high regard in which Michael is held is that both the State and Federal Ministers for the Arts have invited him to sit on their arts advisory panels.”

Janet Holmes a Court
Fellow founding partner of Black Swan Theatre Company

“Michael’s program is fast becoming a success story in our community … as a role model, his performance workshops inspire and instil self-confidence in kids.”

Jill Churnside
Chairperson Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation

“Michael Leslie is a unique artist who has committed himself to the development of his people across the entire nation … a powerful personality who has fought for the empowerment of his people to manage their own destiny … Leah Purcell is just one such success.”

Duncan Ord, General Manager
Black Swan Theatre Company, 2001

“I was 17 when I first met Michael. With his guidance and mentorship I began a new path in life I thought I could only ever dream of. It feels like I was given a second chance. Michael Leslie changed my life.

Amy Hammond, Michael Leslie student and WAAPA graduate

“When the students heard Michael would be running an optional dance group, they clearly remembered him …”the cool dance dude – he’s really good” .. they were keen to nominate for the session even though it runs through their lunch time!”

Lyn Mascauley
Principal, Tom Price Primary School

“No-one can question Michael’s talent and experience, but what makes him very special is his ability to ‘connect’ with students, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous …. Michael’s impact on the students, the school community and town itself cannot be quantified … he has been about far more than just the dance itself.”

Debbie Douglass
Project Coordinator, Garnjurri Mirnumurri Ngurr-Unga and Tom Price Enrichment Centre

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